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You are not alone. 

Difficulties with trying to conceive are very common. 1 in 6 couples struggle with infertility at some point.


Our team at Franciscan FertilityCare Center are specially-trained to walk with you and your spouse on your fertility journey. 


We find that almost all cases of infertility have an underlying cause that has not been diagnosed. By using the Creighton Model FertilityCare™ System, our doctors can identify and treat any factors that are contributing to infertility through the use of NaProTECHNOLOGY®. Treatment of the disease process restores a woman's body, allowing it to function normally and achieve a pregnancy. 

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Common Causes of Infertility

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome - PCOS

PCOS is an endocrine disorder that can manifest in several different ways. Some common signs and symptoms include:

  • Long and irregular periods

  • Excess facial or body hair

  • Weight gain/Obesity 

  • Insulin resistance

  • Depression & Anxiety 

  • Infertility 


Endometriosis is a complex condition in which the endometrial tissue normally found in the uterine lining migrates outside of the uterus. The tissue sticks to other organs such as the ovaries, fallopian tubes and bowels. Women with this condition commonly experience: 

  • Painful periods

  • Pelvic Pain

  • Painful Bowel Movements

  • Infertility 

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Patient Success Story

Hear the Goodmans talk about their journey to conceive with Franciscan FertilityCare Center.

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